Angry Cox Goes After Jason Preston, Following Week Survey Released Saying Conservatives Moving Towards Cox - We Don't Buy It

As our readers are no doubt aware Jason Preston of We ARE The People posted a video of him asking Governor Cox about smart cities. The reaction from the governor was shocking to say the least. In the video posted below you can see Mr. Preston simply ask Cox about smart cities and Cox states he doesn’t know about smart cities and implies that Jason is just a consiparcy theorist making things up. Unfortunately for Cox further video released here, shows quite the opposite. Not only does the governor know about them but he’s promoting and supporting them.

People were, and still are in an uproar about the videos and it’s not at Mr. Preston, it’s at Cox. With all the outrage about Cox not only misrepresenting his knoweldge and support on the issue, but also that he put hands on Mr. Preston, it’s very hard to believe that Utah conservatives are moving towards Cox.

The article by KSL stating such also implies that liberals are moving away.

“Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll, which points to a 64% approval rating among Utah voters, with 30% of respondents saying they disapprove of the Republican governor’s performance and just 6% answering “don’t know.”

Not only is this very odd timing, almost like Cox needs an image boost, but it’s almost not believable. Apparently the piece about the interaction by the SLTrib wasn’t enough to stop the bleed. If you travel around Utah at all you know the Governor was never popular and instead of more people saying they like him, there are the same if not more that still dislike him. He is not popular by any stretch of the imaginaton.

What do you think, have you seen increased republican support of the governor or less?

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