There is a lot to say here. Utah has a rocky history with elections. Those in charge will lead you to believe that Utahs elections are squeaky clean and the “gold standard,” but alas that is simply not true, at least from what we can see. In order to make an accurate, educated, and confirmed say one way or the other we, or a trusted (by the people) 3rd party would need to have a look at the voter rolls. 

So far Utah has absolutely refused to give them over to anyone, including the legislature. This seems strange considering all the complaints and distrust of our election system. If you really wanted to prove to the public the THEIR elections are clean would you not hand the rolls over to the leg and let them truth be known, whatever that may be? 

In Utahs case no. Instead they are guarding these voter rolls and tabulators etc as if there is something the public absolutely can’t see. It’s extremely sus, and it’s causing the public to dig their heels in even harder. 

The reason we bring this up? Well, Utah is a founding member of ERIC – (put description here). So far several states have left this organization, thus increasing the cost of it to those remaining. We have to ask what these are states see and understand that Utah does not? 

Utah has been legally foritified for taking, so as you can imagine more and more states are waking up to that reality, and thus do not want to engage with, use suggestions, or listen to Utah anymore. Once the “red state” installing all “blue” programs is now seen by man for exactly what it is, a captured state full of extreme left systems, all hidden behind a false “red” presentation. 

Now let’s look at the most recent state to notice something has gone very wrong with their elections- New York! How did they realize this? Voter rolls and other information, which Utah has never been able to obtain, and 2020’s are likely destroyed at this point. 

Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections

Just for good measure take a look at Heritages legal memorandum about ERIC- here

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