The mission of News for America is to bring you uncompromising truth about the world around you, delivered by voices you may not have heard of before that you should get to know. We seek to bring you the highest quality information in the areas of money and economics, foreign policy and national defense, and American history, culture, and politics. We cover the genesis and history of vital issues, information you are probably not receiving from other sources. We also give you core background in areas including the American legal system, and what Constitutional government really looks like. We’re not afraid to get into detail on U.S. corporate complicity with communist China and China’s alliance with Russia, CRT and transgender madness in our schools, or the threat to our liberty from the “public health” sector. And we provide a steady stream of vital information about the integrity of our elections at our website SecureVote.News. We seek to be a valued resource for you and your family to understand and navigate through the American crisis. We appreciate your interest in News For America and hope you come back frequently to both and SecureVote.News.

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