Utah Elections

UTAHS ELECTION- NOT THE GOLD STANDARD There is a lot to say here. Utah has a rocky history with elections. Those in charge will lead you to believe that Utahs elections are squeaky clean and the “gold standard,” but alas that is simply not true, at least from what we can see. In order to […]

Distractions and Dangers Part 1 Education

DANGERS AND DISTRACTIONS PART 1: EDUCATION VOUCHERS ISSUES: DISTRACTIONS, AND DANGER Part 1 : The Vouchers Movement Recently the great news aggregator of our day, Citizens Free Press, seemed to be puzzled about a story out of Texas. Rural Texas legislators were joining the teacher union-addled Dems in scuttling Governor Abbott’s plan to divert education […]

China’s Influence in Utah

CHINA’S INFLUENCE IN UTAH By Veronica Harper Everywhere you look your eyes can catch a glimpse of the beauty of this great state we live in. Utah has incredibly beautiful views. Take for instance, the Wasatch mountains, its peaks covered in snow. In fact, this year two of our ski resorts have recorded record-breaking amounts […]