Does America Need a Divorce?

By: Lew Moore

Does America need a divorce? Sometimes it seems like this blue state-red state thing has gotten out of hand. And in the world of internet clickbait, a new, controversial idea like this one gets some attention. Majorie Taylor Greene, the conservative firebrand from Georgia, has mentioned it favorably. So has Trump friend Wayne Allen Root, a national radio and TV talker. After all, deep blue Illinois has become so different from say, bright red South Dakota. Maybe there is something to this.

Source: Office of South Dakota Governor.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem arrives at the 2021 Sturgis motorcycle festival to the cheers of the patriotic throng of bikers assembled

I was cruising around Rumble the other night and landed on the Stew Peters show, where, sure enough, his guest at that moment was waxing on about how great it would be if the Pacific Northwest really did get the secession thing together, because this country, our country, is finished.

So, what about that. With all the problems we have, is secession what we should be working on? There are people around the country who seem to think so. There is the Texit movement, Texas’ version of  the Brexit movement that caused the U.K. to depart from the European Union. There is a fledging effort in New Hampshire, that includes members of the state legislature there. (New Hampshire is a small state. So how many nukes should they get if there is a split?) And, of course, there are the Southern Nationalists, who have had generations to think about another secession effort, and are still going strong.

But what about an amicable, red state-blue state split, a modern civilized divorce, undertaken like an American suburban couple, who were once in love, but now just want to move on. Well, from what I can tell, there has been a lot of talk, but not a lot of thought put into this idea.

So let’s focus. First, what is the objective? Do we need to give up half of the country to keep the other half? Exactly how is this going to work? Who is going to negotiate the division of states and resources, “for us”? How much effort are activists going to have to put into this project to make it a thing?

And now, down to business. Which states are we talking about? Obviously, there is going to be a question about  the swing states, those purple ones on certain maps? What are we going to do in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona?  Will there be some kind of pleibicite in these places, like the vote the hapless Austrians took to join Hitler’s Germany, just before the big, destructive war?

And are you going to rely on the results of an election held in Arizona, with this much on the line? Are you kidding? They’ve had some problems with their procedures and producing the correct size of ballot for their tabulators.  And with verifying the signatures. And keeping illegals from voting. What about Pennsylvania? Loved the cardboard on the observation windows of their “voting centers.” Evidently their motor voter program allowed aliens to register to vote, oops. Then there is Georgia, where there could be 3 million errors contained on their voter rolls. Gotta love a state with 100%  voting machines, and colorful prosecutors like “black people carry lots of cash” Fani Willis.

And what do you think blue state governments will look like after “we” have left? Kinder and gentler? I don’t think so. The core problem with these blue state governments is they went from old school Democrat to full blast Marxist. Marxists are about acquiring power, no limits. They’re not too keen about keeping agreements that impede their quest for absolute power.

And who is going to get the nukes? That seems kind of important.

Now let’s look at the map. We see red and blue counties, from what we were told was the most honest election ever held on planet earth, the presidential contest of 2020. Practically the entire map is red. So how should we divide the assets of “The Great Divorce”? And what about the “left behind” in this scenario? There are millions of patriots in California, in Illinois, and even in New York. What about them? Outside of the major urban areas, with a few exceptions, red dominates. And what about areas where we don’t have a majority? There are still thousands of patriots in Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago. What about them?

Source: Mavink

The presidential election map, the one that is state-by-state, is always changing. President Trump has really shaken things up. A few years ago the GOP had almost given up on Hispanic voters. Today, some polls show 50% support for the GOP among Hispanics. Even the decades long total dominance of the black vote by the Dems is starting to weaken. Are we sure about what the future is going to look like with the red state-blue state thing?

And then, an obvious concern, our external enemies. China, Russia, they will love the thought of this level of disruption to their greatest geopolitical enemy. But Russia isn’t really a threat, Putin told us so! And despite the cozy relationship our big corporations have with the murderous Chinese communists, the party actually declared war on America in 2019. Maybe they were just kidding?  Do you think enemies of America would be for, or against this Great Divorce idea? The answer is obvious.


On May 13, 2019, communist China, through the party’s Xinhua News Agency declared a “People’s War” against the U.S. Is this a good time to divide the nation and its military strength?

Source: Public Domain



What about the millions of illegals that have been pouring over our borders? This surely complicates the “divorce settlement,” as we watch state governments deal with collapsing health care and social welfare systems, new diseases, and exploding crime rates. Who will get “the newcomers” in this Great Divorce?

So with a closer look, it is obvious this “divorce” thing is not well thought out.

If there is not going to be a “divorce,” are there changes to the national map might make some sense, and make at least some of us happier? While political realities are likely to prevent this, if the folks in eastern Oregon and Washington want to abandon their respective states for Idaho I don’t see a problem. There are communities within many counties and cities who would like to be shed of the socialist governments that hold sway from some urban core near them. Forming new counties and cities, or changing their boundaries, is constitutional, and may be the right way to go for many in blue regions. A district of Atlanta has exited from that hellhole of crime and corruption recently.

Deportation of people who don’t belong here, and nullification of unconstitutional federal actions against states would also be helpful. But let’s face it, this country does have real, and deep problems. Imagine the social landscape, and the chaos that might be unleashed if there is a Trump victory in November. We indeed might be facing mass lawlessness, and martial law  emergency edicts as a result, in the not too distant future. We need to work within our neighborhoods (hopefully through our precincts), and our cities and counties where possible, to prepare, in a common sense way, against such an eventuality. We need to elect good sheriffs and support them any way we can. What we don’t need to do is to give up half the country in advance of upheaval that may, or may not, occur.

The path of safety and freedom for Americans can be found within the pages of our God-given Constitution.

Source: Public Domain



This will likely be a long struggle, within red and blue states, to return our nation to its greatness, to its constitutional foundation, to its destiny. But when I look at America’s future, I want all of it. I want to take back all of it. Then we must rededicate this great land, the New Jerusalem, to God. That has always been the key to our success and it will be again.

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